Have you been to Buenos Aires? Go explore it with the Avoid the Obvious Special Guide!

Hi guys,

Maybe many of you have answered ‘yes’ to the title question and probably with a big smile in your faces remembering the good times spent there. Certainly, there are also some that answered ‘no’ and are wondering why I should go to Buenos Aires. And finally, some of you probably thought ‘where exactly is it?’. Well, we don’t blame you! Truly most of the South American countries don’t advertise at all about its touristic places. Anyway, ahead we have something for all of you!

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There are so many reasons that make Buenos Aires a wonderful travelling destination. At first, the people in South America are usually very kind with the travelers and that will probably make you feel at home. Also, the city of Buenos Aires is beautiful surrounded by an European atmosphere especially regarding its architecture. And just like many other famous touristic cities, the capital of Argentina is a place full of history, culture, nature, beauties and, of course, secrets!


By googling Buenos Aires, you would easily find something about soccer, tango and great food. Also about its most famous visiting spots like Casa Rosada, Obelisco, Puerto Madero and Caminito. But you must really know that there is always so much more to see that you won’t find easily by searching in the internet. That’s one reason why we made this Special Guide. Also we believe that every single trip is worth it! Of course we can and we should visit Paris and see the Eiffel Tower, we should travel to New York or stroll through the streets of Rome and enter the Colosseum, we must go to Rio de Janeiro and contemplate the Christ the Redeemer. The traditional has its magic and it must be respected, but if you can go beyond that, you’ll certainly have the best stories to tell your friends and will keep priceless memories.

We have selected more than 30 tips with the less explored and most interesting tours at the capital of Argentina and put them together in a travel guide that will have you catching the next flight! The Avoid the Obvious Special Guide | Buenos Aires delivers the best outdoor activities tips, suggestions for eating, drinking and nightlife, tips for the sports lovers, cultural attractions and a bonus tip that will make you see the city differently.

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All the activities that we indicate in this guide will show you the secrets and beauties that Argentinians love and enjoy in their daily lives, something that nobody have ever told you about. This is also a great opportunity for you to discover a new culture and recharge your energies. After all, traveling has always been the best remedy for our problems, hasn’t it?

With this guide, you’ll be able to visit places that go way beyond the ordinary tourism routs, avoiding the obvious and realizing that Argentina is not only about the tango.

Enjoy it and have fun avoiding the obvious!

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